Civil Project Site Engineer

The position requires the employee to be proficient in:
1. Civil Infrastructure Works
2. Drainage, Kerb and Channel, Footpath works
3. Road Maintenance works
4. Special Civil Projects
The employee should be able to conduct the following tasks:    
  • Should be self-motivated, diligent and able to carry out his/her responsibilities with little supervising.
  •  Manage all construction works undertaken by TIL. 
  • Ability to achieve targets as per specification and within the budgeted time frame to avoid cost overrun. Ability to motivate site crew to ensure project specifications are met within the budgeted time frame and cost. 
  •  Ensure cost control of labour, material and plant and equipment to meet budgeted project targets. Ensure project is completed as per specification and within the budgeted time frame. 
  • Ensure representation of client interest.
  •  Provide independent professional advice.
  •  Liaising with other professionals involved in the project.
  • Accuracy is crucial in order to avoid re-work.
  • Ensuring the quality and Health and Safety standards are adhered to.
  • Environmental and other complying issues are maintained throughout the construction phase

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit. 

Competitive remuneration based on experience.

Apply online (scroll down to the enquiry screen)
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