Health & Safety Environmental Officer

We are an Auckland based Civil Construction Company and are looking to appoint a  Health & Safety Environmental Officer to join our fast paced, fast growing Company.

Key Responsibilities of the role will be as follows:

  • Managing and implementation of Health and Safety,
  • Implementation of Environmental Policies,
  • Implementation of Quality Policies,
  • Managing all aspects of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 4801, and other TIL accredited certification.
  • Should have excellent communication skills and technical knowledge
  • Should be well versed with current legislation and industry Health and Safety system and standards.

The position of the Health and Safety Officer is responsible for ensuring that company strategies and management commitment are communicated and implemented throughout the business, through the provision of education, training, resources and application of procedures and systems for all aspects of Health and Safety on site.

It is expected that the Health and Safety Officer will maintain a high level of professionalism, integrity and display a positive attitude and a team focus, be enquiring and articulate.


Principle Accountabilities:


Provide leadership and direction to all staff on matters of health and safety. This includes:

  • Facilitate a positive and happy workforce
  • Enhance and ensures employee well-being and fair treatment
  • Drive continuous improvement in all key Health and Safety tasks
  • Plan, implement and coordinate Strategic and tactical safety programs
  • Empower various levels of management with the required procedures and tools that will allow to manage and execute the Health & Safety system in an effective and timely manner
  • Inform and coach all employees to protect their safety and ensure the impact of their actions do not cause hazards for others around them
  • Develop and execute the Health and Safety Plan in line with the Business plan



  • Works with the Directors on matters of strategic health and safety importance to the business.
  • Ensure that the Directors are kept informed of all pertinent developments and information within functions managed by the Health and Safety Officer.
  • Participate fully in all meetings with the senior Management,

Contributing ideas and reporting as required.

  • Provide input and recommendations into the strategic planning process regarding health and safety.
  • Have a clear understanding of TIL’s strategic direction in relation to health and safety and ensure they are communicated and implemented within the company.
  • Provide input and recommendations into new and reviewing of procedures and systems relating to health and safety.
  • Promote and encourage continuous improvement in health and safety through the application of safety initiatives and education/information.
  • Facilitate the Health and Safety Committee meetings and actively encourage employee participation and accountability in safety management programs.


Injury Management

  • Ensure case management of injured employees is fair and unbiased and meets the requirements of the Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation Act 2001.
  • Manage each case to ensure outcomes of rehabilitation occur - early return to work, minimization of injury through best practice rehabilitation and satisfaction of the injured employee.
  • Increase focus and depth of accident investigation.
  • Collate H&S data monthly and produce reports.
  • Lead and ensure maintenance of annual ACC audit and status.


Safe Management Practices

  • Plan, review and evaluate H&S System.
  • Plan, review and evaluate incident/injury reporting, recording, investigation and hazard identification assessment, and management.
  • Implementation of behavioral observation of safety practices.
  • Ensure employee participation in H&S.
  • Ensure protection of workers from contractors and sub-contractors.
  • Lead and ensure maintenance of annual ACC audit and status.
  • Ensure staff is adequately trained on hazard controls relating to their department/tasks.
  • Ensure Officers and employees are involved at least annually in reviewing the hazard management process, which includes hazard and control identification, significance and risk rating assessment and the development of control procedures relevant to their roles and work environment.
  • Ensure all new and existing employees receive both induction and ongoing health and safety generic and work specific information and training to enable them to perform their work safely; this includes current health and safety certification and qualifications required for specific work.
  • Ensure that emergencies likely to occur in all areas of TIL have been identified and an effective emergency plan detailing responsiveness has been developed, implemented and regularly tested and evaluated. Ensure any training requirements for staff relevant to specific emergency plans has been completed.
  • Ensure all visitors and contractors are aware of, and conform to, TIL safety management system applicable to their brief.

If you are interested please email your CV through to be considered for the position. Apply online

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