Road & Shoulder Widening

The road widening project in Laingholm Drive in rural West Auckland was completed very successfully late last year. This included additional works in footpath, kerb & channel, drainage, retaining and key stone walls.

Being situated close to a beautiful natural creek, TIL ensured that all sufficient environmental protective measures were put in place to make sure there is no damage to the eco-system and wildlife in the area. The client was very happy with the high standards to works done.


TIL also recently completed a large shoulder and road widening project in the Clevedon Papakura area over a total distance of approximately 3km. This also includes additional work such as Gabion walls, drainage and kerb & channel works. The experienced Traffic Management personnel of the company has constantly ensured that traffic management was executed effectively and safely, given that operations were in a high speed area in both cases.

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