Our company has a long history of delivering safe, high-quality civil construction services. Our willingness to scrutinize our own performance and learn from experience has been a major factor in our success. We are continuously implementing a number of specific measures to apply lessons learned to our future work, such as improving quality management systems, more-extensive and mandatory training for management and field staff.


“Herewith I like to say thank you for the nice work your team has done in our street, the Mariri Road. We live on the corner Mt. Smart Rd and Mariri Rd. Being retired I have seen how efficient each team worked from the beginning to the final end on each section of the road. And we are very happy with the new driveway and the improved shape entering Mariri Rd. The team always let us know regarding if we have to use the car and the little bit of inconvenient has been no trouble at all. Our street looks real good and you can be proud of your workers who worked so hard to get the job done.”

Karin and Adrian Trimbach

“We would like to thank you , your Company , and all those hard working men , most sincerely ,who have done such a superb job in our street [ Koraha Street ] resulting in attractive and safe footpaths , berms, and kerbs , all greatly enhanced. The men were extremely professional, courteous, accommodating, always a smile in spite of working in all weathers, long hours and dealing with continual traffic up and down the street. It is very obvious the Company has very high standards in the quality of their work and in their staff. Thank you.”

                                                                                                                                              Elaine and Neil Rutherfurd

“I would like to acknowledge the manner and effort of the team you have working in upgrading Ayr St, Parnell. Ayr St is a very busy traffic link between the Eastern Suburbs and the CBD, with high traffic flows both in the early morning traffic and then again in the late afternoon. As long term residents in the Town Houses 35 - 41Ayr St, we were somewhat apprehensive of how the traffic would be managed during the Road Maintenance Works starting on Thursday 30 August. What we have experienced is a credit to the management and men actually working on the job. Always pleasant, polite, and helpful as the team coped with the demands of the job on one hand, and the traffic flows on the other. It is with pleasure I write as I have. Best wishes.”

Alan Mayne

“Just like to mention that the team did an awesome job on the 2nd night of installing the Transflex Joint (Bond Street) and was very impressed with the comments I made at the pre-start and how they took the comments on board with regards to safety and having a tidy site. The first night was obviously learning how to install the Joints but would like to commend Vimlesh and the team for getting extra tools and plant to make the job easier.”

Ben Finau -NZTA

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