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Commercial Cleaning

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TIL Facilities and Maintenance Services, provide companies with clean, safe and hygienic environments Solution to be enjoyed by you, your employees and customers. We give you peace of mind by delivering effective and efficient services solution and supplies along with timely and accurate reporting.

TIL provides services to a wide range of Council, Government and Private Industries and commercial buildings for over 20 years. Since 1990, we have provided cleaning services to the Auckland Council, the Government Departments, alongside with other prominent private buildings.

TIL Facilities and Maintenance Services, you will have a dedicated Customer Services Manager to ensure that high standards of commercial cleaning service are always maintained. TIL also offers an alternative to traditional cleaning chemicals, by choosing more natural cleaning methods and environmentally friendly products.


Educational Facilities Cleaning

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TIL Facilities and Maintenance Services work with educational facilities, from kindergartens through to high schools.

We carry out full daily cleaning; ensuring the best level of service is carried out to the client’s specifications. As well as day-to-day cleaning, we also provide hard floor care, carpet cleaning, school, term break cleans, Christmas break cleans, adhoc and spring cleans.


Healthcare Cleaning

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Our Management and staff have extensive experience in providing high level cleaning services to medical centres, hospitals and patient accommodation services for patients undergoing treatment.

TIL Facilities and Maintenance Services, will work thoroughly and thoughtfully to give the best results to daily operations.


Office Cleaning

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We can clean a variety of office spaces, from 50sqm2 sites through to multi story commercial building.

Our cleaning agreements is from adhoc, once weekly to seven days a week. The cleaning service package for each space is tailored to suit the client’s business needs. In addition to regular cleaning, we also offer our clients one-off carpet cleaning, hard floor care and upholstery cleaning, to ensure their assets are kept in the best possible condition.


Events, Entertainment and Leisure Cleaning

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TIL Facilities and Maintenance Services carries out cleaning services in a range of entertainment and leisure spaces, including movie theatres through to shopping complexes.

We understand that first impressions count and therefore guarantee the sites are made sparkling clean, providing optimal safety for customers and showing off everything you have to offer.


Manufacturing and Industrial Space Cleaning

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TIL Facilities and Maintenance Services has the ability to carry out cleaning of a range of manufacturing and industrial companies.
Whether it is a chemical factory or a commercial cabinet maker, we do it all.

All Maintenance Cleaning

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Office and commercial cleaning is our national team can offer quality, customize and tailor-made services to meet your requirements with options for day or night cleaning. We also offer waste management system and recycling to deliver on sustainable practice.
Water Blasting and Steam Cleaning

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Industrial and commercial water blasting available. We can deliver
building warranty for     wash-downs. TIL uses market leading environment friendly chemicals as well to care for the environment.



Carpet Cleaning  

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Let us help you protect your carpet investment by creating a cleaning and maintenance programme   customised to your requirements. We also offer stain removal, spot cleaning, furniture cleaning, protection and other services.
Floor, Tile and Concrete Finishes

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TIL Facilities and Maintenance Services  Surface Solutions team of quality technicians are skilled in Strip and sealing, and Full floor treatment.

Window Cleaning and Exterior Maintenance

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We have Contractors hanging off the sides of Auckland buildings for cleaning windows and looking after buildings. Our highly-qualified TIL Exterior Building Services team leads the sector in safe practice and delivers stunning results.

Washroom and Hygiene Supplies

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With our experience suppliers, we can integrate your washroom and hygiene supplies and take away the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers as well as providing reports on consumable use and recommendations for best deal and efficiency.

Pest Control  

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Our Pest Control team, we are able to recommend and implement inhouse pest control solutions which will work for your business.
Garden and Lawn Maintenance


Our team has tailor made solution for your gardens and lawns so your full-service needs are delivered with a quality environment to work in.
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